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Who we are

Elder Millennial's fixated on growth and forming new paradigms.  


Experts in all aspects of business development from launch to growth to automation and exit planning.

Vevang Consulting executes superior growth using data science, integrations, automations, & artificial intelligence that will run circles around your competition.



For too long, "marketing agencies" have been focused on taking clients' money and paying high labor costs for sub-par creative work. We're tired of seeing hard working individuals like you pay for services they don't need with little to no understanding of where their money is going.

We are relentlessly obsessed with knowing exactly where your dollar is going...... even down to the penny. Having the exact measurements of your businesses growth is our speciality and this is where choosing us over the next agency becomes an easy choice.

Our systems provide clients with peace of mind through our regular delivery of precise, easy to read reporting.

Our use of artificial intelligence, data science, integrations, and automations allows you to focus on what matters... running your business! We truly are the all-in-one company you have been looking for.

Tools and Capabilites

Data Science

Gathering, analyzing, aggregating, and synthesizing data is crucial to your marketing's real world performance. Focusing this into your audience, your conversions, and your real dollars and cents is legendary. It's all about the math and you don't have time for that. We do however and it's exactly what we've built our business doing.


Seamlessly allow the systems you use and the systems we build to work together. Sharing data from one software platform to the other is pivotal in your success and when executed properly, it can make all the difference.

Lead Generation

Find your ideal client in your sleep. We get you more leads for less money, period. Even better, we figure out the cost per lead and then drive that cost down as low it can possibly go using strategies and secret sauce only known by a select few.


We build it once, you watch it grow forever. It is mind blowing the systems and Automations we create for your business that do the work of humans. Your customer will get to know you, learn to trust you, and buy from you...with little to no actual real interaction. 

Artificial Intelligence

Relying on the biggest data systems in the world to learn how your ideal client finds your business, and effortlessly tripling down. Artificial Intelligence isn't just something for the super elite, it's for you and your business. We take advantage of it and teach you how it works.


Don't be held hostage by the other agencies. Vevang Consulting not only ensures you own your marketing system but also that you know exactly how much every single new lead, sale, customer or monthly client costs, down to the penny. We deliver weekly or monthly reporting, based on your needs.

Our Team

“You have no idea what you can accomplish until you are completely unsatisfied with the current position of your affairs. If your not satisfied call me.”

Eric Vevang


“It's really about helping people and building relationships. Once I found that out, everything changed”

Sara Vevang


Phone Number: 469.534.0003   /     Email: info@vevangconsulting.com   

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